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My thoughts on Mr. Trump that you may find of interest.

On more than one occasion Mr. Trump has been described as a petulant child with a limited attention span and a lack of ability to comprehend any concept that cannot be expressed in a paragraph — or less.  Personally, I see no evidence that he was ever better than a B student (and probably, at the low end of B at that) and I doubt that his IQ extends very far into the triple digit range.

Baring some kind of trauma, people do not change, they just become “more so.” While Trump has not changed in the past month, something in the white house did change.  At the end of July, General John Kelly became the White House chief of staff.  Kelly is a man who understands sacrifice.   A general definitely has some experience in politics because one seldom achieves that rank without having political abilities.
Whether you agree with him or not, you would be hard pressed to doubt his dedication / loyalty to this country and to the US constitution.

It is hard to believe that he did not lay down some rules before taking the job.  While in the past 30 days the number of Trump’s tweets has dropped only 6%, as near as I can tell, his “controversial” tweets, as reported in the news, have definitevly diminished.  Perhaps two large hurricanes hitting the US just pushed his tweets off of the news.

Still, I have noticed that news commentators have been making comments about how Trump has become “more presidential.”  His comments and speeches certainly seem to be less irrational and bombastic, and appear to generate less hostility from people not part of his “base.”   His foot seems not to be in permanent residence in his mouth.

So, here is my theory:  Trump is the face of the presidency, but little of substance is done by Mr. Trump without approval from General Kelly.  Kelly may even have some control over what gets tweeted.  He manages the president, and is our de-facto leader.

Given the tight ship that General Kelly and his very competent assistent Kirstjen Nielsen run, I doubt that there are any leaks at all from the circle around General Kelly, and certainly none of any import.  I do not know if it is possible for you to get any confirmation about what I am stating.  Hopefully, you can find some evidence, and speculate and will probably come up with something more substantive than the almost meaningless verbiage that passes for the current analysis of “What is Trump Thinking?” (Nothing I see little evidence of any thought) “What is his strategy?” (None — again, I see no evidence of any strategy — or even tactics.  I suspect that Mr. Trump does not know the difference.) “What are his goals?”  He has two goals.  Undo what Obama did, and gather adulation.

Here is a recent sample:  Trump turns away from the Republicans and towards the Democrats with regard to relief funding, the federal budget and the debt ceiling.  As a successful and well read General, John Kelly knows about negotiating with an adversary.  To my knowledge, Mr. Trump has never negotiated with anybody.  Lying and having your legal team repeatedly file Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not what most people would consider negotiating.  His only interactions with others has been “You’re Fired!!”  Again, as far as I can tell, no one has ever told him no.

While it is possible, I find it hard to imagine that at the age of 71, Mr. Trump was able to coneceive of the idea of negotiating with the party of his enemy, President Obama.  I think that some digging might confirm the idea that John Kelly was the driving force behind the deal that Mr. Trump did with the Democrats.  (Note that the book, “The Art of the Deal” was basically BS.  Or as the actual author said:  “I put lipstick on a pig,” Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter, says. He feels “deep remorse.”

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Why Trump The Chimp


Not Just Trump the Chimp, but Trump the Poop Throwing Chimp. More on that below!!

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So, you are asking yourself, amid all the controversy about Donald Trump and his campaign for president and his statements — Why a website like this? Especially why a website named Trumpthechimp? Well, most of the credit goes to my son. Both he and I were familiar with the work done by the primatologist Jane Goodall DBE. Specifically we knew of one of the more famous chimps, viz. Mike the chimp.

Mike rose, instantly, albeit after a bit of careful planning, from the lowest ranking chimp in a troop to the highest ranking (Alpha Male) by the expedient of making a lot of empty noise and charging the leader. I made a remark about trump being where he is by virtue of a lot of empty noise, and my son said “Trump the Chimp.” I said What?? And my son repeated the statement saying that Donald Trump is like Mike the chimp.

Let me elaborate:

This site is not about name calling. Rather it is based on two bits of research:

Here is the first: and the key paragraph:

In reality the leaders did not always make the best contribution to the task, but their voices were usually heard first and most often.

Now this does not apply to long term groups, where eventually actions to speak louder than words. But Elections are not long term events. Rather you have a lot of people talking as much as they can, engaging in almost no meaningful actions, and then an event, an election, that lasts a day.

There is this Indonesian proverb: An empty drum gives loud sound.

Meaning: A person who talks a lot usually is usually empty inside

This is where the chimp part comes in:

See also chapters 20 & 21. My guess is that the equivelant for trump of mikes first can banging would be his book “the art of the deal”, and the apprentice tv show. When he saw how well packaged “nothing” could produce such a reaction, I guess that he figured — well not try and be alpha male.

I had mentioned how much of what Trump said was either wrong, or “not even wrong”, or name calling or just empty sounds. My son, Alex, said Trump the chimp, and we ran with it.

Trump is certainly nearer to the bottom of the world in business than the top. Yes he is in the Forbes 400, but when daddy leaves you between 40 million, and $200 million — well, you could end up poor, but that would take hard work. There are other indicators — Really, has anybody else EVER filed chapter 11 four times? In fact, among companies with over a billion in assets only one in 5 has ever filed for Bankruptcy in the past 30 years. Trump has done it four times. (One has to wonder about the gullibility and stupidity of banks and other financial institutions that lent him money, especially after the 2nd bankruptcy)

Does anybody to business with him any more? I mean unless there is, for some reason, no other option? He has two more bankruptcies then he has divorce. A total of 6 non trivial failures in his life. And now he wants to be POTUS

Yea, you could buy shares in him or his ventures:

And loose almost all of your investment — over 95%: Not only did the bondholders take a beating, the stockholders did too, with the price of the stock declining from $4 per share to 23 cents. It was nothing personal, just business as usual for Trump.

At this point some of you may be thinking that I am just another bleeding heart liberal who can not deal with someone “speaking the truth”. This statement is wrong on several counts Evidence of that is that I joined the libertarian party in 1978, voted for Ron Paul the first time that he ran for president, and was a RP delegate to the 2008 Republican State convention in Nevada.

That last experience lead me to post a 6000 word essay that I called Orwells boot on the internet. If you do a search on those two words the first or second article that is returned, after paid links, will be my article, usually under the name factotum666.

You can use other terms like orwell and tyranny and then I drop down a few notches, but am still, usually, on the first page. The point is, that google likes me 🙂 I am not a fan of politicians. They lie. A lot!!

Here is some stuff from Hillary:

Politicians lie because they can, and like almost everything that they say, it is based on their well founded belief that almost every voter is, well , foolish, with the memory of a mayfly. Their handlers do not craft messages based on what is logical, or as accurate as possible, but on what they can sell to people that think are really foolish.

And she is the leader. Do we really want a leader who will tell such blatant lies, or whose memory of non trivial events is so terrible?

Her explanation was: ““So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which, you know, for some people, is a revelation.”

Except that she DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE!!!. She lied. There is a difference. But she, like almost almost politicians, believe that you are stupid, and that they can get away with saying anything, and that you will believe them. Even saying that they do not know the difference between a peaceful walk, and dodging sniper fire.

Trump even said this: “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

Well, he believes that you are so stupid that you will believe him when he says that he never wrong.

Along this line of being smart. It turns out that according to some sciency things, that the more poop that a chimp throws, and the more accurate his throws, then the smarter that he is. Not necessarily smart in a problem solving way — but in his ability to manipulate people. Given the invective that Trump is continually spewing, he appears, at least to this observer, to qualify on all counts. Here is a longer more detailed analysis of poop throwing and social IQ

For more fun reads, do a search on these words: poop throwing chimps smart

Hmmm. This may explain a LOT about our politicians, and the political process in general.

But back to Trump

Four bankruptcies, two divorces, but he has never been wrong. Or do a search on these terms: global warming trump quotes. Then read this article which is more, or less, typical of how companies that are not engaged in fossil fuel mining, and have a time frame of more than the next quarter, are looking at global warming. . Or examine the views of the Forbes 400 most of whom, like Zukerberg, Gates, or Buffet are actually self made, and do recognize that Global warming is real, and not a Chinese plot.

There is one sceanario in which Trump is never wrong: It is from “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. In a conversation with Alice Humpty Dumpty says:

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

I suppose that in the world in which “The Donald” resides, he is always the master. Well, except when he goes bankrupt. But that only happens every few years, and the rest of the time he can surround himself with various lackeys and other unquestioning people who are, as he says, stupid.

The chimps New Minder as of Sept 2017

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